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  5. "The patient has the flu."

"The patient has the flu."

Translation:De patiënte heeft griep.

October 29, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Is it the common rule in Dutch, that you don't add definite article (de/het) before the illnesses?


    With most illnesses you don't add de/het, but with the flu, you can both say 'hij heeft griep' or 'hij heeft de griep'. Personally I hear the last one being said much more often, but both are ok.


    Yes (when I think of other ilnesses - maybe there are exceptions that do not come to mind now).


    Why then in one of the tasks was is het een griep of koorts?


    4 years on, I have arrived at exactly the same point as LaimaValan (ie is it een griep or just griep) and the same question. But since there's not been an answer in the 4 years that have elapsed, I'll just have to learn it parrot-fashion, I guess.


    Waarom niet "de patiënt"?

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