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Lessons/practice gets stuck on audio

Having a lot of trouble at the moment with audio at the moment. Frequently the record button never lights up, other times it lets me record but then goes back to the ready state and doesn't give an answer. The only way to get past this is to skip the question, which uses up my lives. This has always been an infrequent problem, but is now becoming chronic. Using Mac/Chrome.

June 23, 2013



I am frustrated also with the audio problem, which has grown substantially today from the recent daily glitch or two. I use Safari 5.1.9 and Flash 11.7.700, in which Duolingo is allowed. My problem is different from yours. I can't hear things at a normal speed but can hear them at a slow speed, or vice versa. I can't hear things I am asked to record, but have no problem recording or hearing my own voice played back. I have not heard anyone describe my problem, but I have read posts similar to yours about difficulty recording.

When I've been frustrated with Duo in the past, I go away for a while and they seem to fix things! :)


I am having this problem on my iPhone frequently- I can often use my microphone, but the audio will sometimes just not play at all. I don't have any other speaker issues on my phone, and I still hear the duolingo sound effects other than speech (bells and sad trombone). It is frustrating to get most of the way through a lesson and then have this issue, knowing that if I get four dictations with no other problems (ha, my spelling is not so great), that lesson is a total bust. I've got the latest update on the app. I'd love to see this solved soon please!

p.s. I'm starting to just type in "no sound" whenever that happens, if it helps anyone on the technical side.


Last night I switched browsers from Safari to Firefox when I used Duo and I had no problem for the first time in weeks. I hope this continues! I think that it may be difficult for websites to have the audio function consistently on all browsers.

p.s. I kept typing "no sound" and also reporting to Support, but gave up because I kept getting the same unhelpful information about updating my Flash Player, etc.


I'm having the exact same problem as MsLagerkvist2!


Here is a way around it without loosing hearts...I've had the same problem...and if I wait long enough it checks my answer.(5 mins) But here is what else works..while it is still hung up there is a choice on that screen below record...that allows you to turn mic off from that screen. Click it. Takes you to next question with no hearts lost. Problem now is no mike and you are in middle of lesson. Complete first then go into settings and turn back on before next lesson. If you go to settings while in a lesson...you loose the lesson.


Thanks, that's helpful. Of course, it makes the remainder of the exercise more difficult since the spoken ones a freebies.


Seems to be completely broken today, record button never lighting up. No word on this from the admins?

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