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states correct answers given as wrong....yet they give the correct answer...which is what i gave!!!

the task where i am supposed to give the correct translation out of 3 or 4 options..always states i am wrong...this is kindaconfusing..but i gave the correct answer...they give that my answer is wrong....u may have seen that they give the solutions at the bottom ....still they give the correct answers..which is what i have already given..i have already reported this..yet no action seems to have taken place...:/....what should i do???? has anyone else experienced this too???

October 29, 2014



You should provide some screen shots. Also, typing all your sentences with ... in between is pretty annoying. This is a language learning forum so at least try good grammar, syntax and sentence structure.


Sometimes, on the multiple choice questions, there's more than one right answer, and it says to select ALL right answers.


aggghh maybe..cos i didn't choose all...i'll try it out and tell u wat happened!!! :D


OMG..thank u sooooo much..it worked!!!! thank u soooo much :D

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