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  5. "Vi er også studerende."

"Vi er også studerende."

Translation:We are also students.

October 29, 2014



Would putting også in front of er be grammatically correct? I feel like doing so would indicate whether you are saying "we also are students" (as in this group is students in addition to another group being students) or "we are also students" (as in we are, among other things, students).


I am wondering the same thing... Did you find an answer since you posted this question? :)


Depends on your interpetation of "gramatically". I would say no, assuming grammar includes typically correct word order. Typically adverbs follow the verbs when Danes speak. If you place an adverb in front of a verb, chances are they will still easily understand you, but it sounds better for them if the adverb comes after the verb. Its like some saying something like "i drink always water" in english. It makes sense, sounds a little weird, the meaning is intact, but the grammar is debatable.


How can two words be so similar yet so different.


Does anyone else find the word studerende a bit confusing because when I hear 'ene' and read 'en' near the end of the word I want to write 'the students' even though I then see that the word ends in -ende and not -ene.


Could you also say " we are students as well"?

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