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  5. "Pigen drikker aldrig øl."

"Pigen drikker aldrig øl."

Translation:The girl never drinks beer.

October 29, 2014



Just a comment: "Pigen" again. We've just had a lesson on occupations - why not kokken or chefen or somebody else here? It would cut down on the times the earlier lessons have to be repeated if new vocabulary were used in later lessons. (I realize this language is done, but it's something to keep in mind for later languages.)


My kind of girl!


I thought the answer was with drank.

  • at drikke - to drink (infinitive)
  • drikker - drink/drinks (present tense)
  • drak - drank (preterite tense)
  • har drukket - has drunk (past participle)


Any idea what the difference between "drinks never" and "never drinks" should be? Am I so wrong when I translate into: The girl drinks never beer."? I mean it just because of the sense and not using the English grammar correctly.


What is the difference between "Never drinks beer" and "Does not drink beer"? In English, the two would have very similar meanings (Beer is not a beverage she drinks), is this not the case for Danish?


The meanings are similar but not identical. In case of 'doesn't drink beer' maybe she's designated driver today and stays clear of alcohol for the time being, but usually behaves like a proper Dane.

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