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"I wear a hat so as not to be cold."

Translation:Ik draag een hoed, zodat ik het niet koud heb.

October 29, 2014



I don't understand where the het comes from or what it is referring to in the "ik het niet koud heb."

If I were to reorganize the phrase to be the order of a main clause, would it be "Ik heb niet het koud" ? I still do not understand what the het is for...


Not quite, it's "Ik heb het niet koud".

It's just how the Dutch say "I'm cold" or "I'm warm".

Literally: "I have it cold / I have it warm" : "Ik heb het koud / Ik heb het warm"


The word placement is just killing me. I have made the same mistakes over and over and over. I just can't seem to comprehend this.


What's the answer you gave?


Honestly, I don't even remember. I was getting so frustrated that I simply lost heart in trying to continue that day. Didn't help that the native speaker who offered to help me via a Skype call hung up on me after ranting in Dutch. I did make out the word "idioot" though. So I guess that's progress, right?


Why doesn't "zodat ik heb niet het koud" work?


since it is the subordinating clause, the verb "is" comes at the end


...zodat het niet koud is.


No that doesn't work, wearing a hat can prevent you from being cold it cannot prevent the weather from being cold.


thinking about the grammar. Could I say: ... zodat het niet koud is. living in a tropical land. Could I say that. i.e.: a hat for sun skin protection. thanks.


...zodat het niet koud is. is fine grammatically. I don't understand your last sentence.


Why not "om niet het koud te hebben"?


so when you say "ik heb het koud", do you literally mean "i have THE cold" or "i have it cold"? in this case negation i gave "zodrat ik geen koud heb" as the negation because i feel the "het" is an artical for "koud"....


You mean "I have it cold", since "koud" is not a noun, and cannot use 'het' (the article) or 'de'. The negative would be "Ik heb het niet koud".

The noun version of "koud" is "de kou". ;)


I am wearing a hat so that i have the not cold :)


It's "I am wearing a hat so that I have IT not cold" (actually "I am wearing a hat so that I it not cold have")


??? I have never seen such an english sentence before (german native speaker)


It means for example "I wear a hat in order not to be cold.". I think you can swap the positions of 'not' and 'to' in both cases.


What is the difference between opdat and zodat?

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