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Lost my progression

I've lost my progression in English for French, when I switched to Dutch for English, because then I said that I speak english in order to acces to the Dutch course which doesn't exist yet for french speakers.

Hope this stays clear, and is there any solution, to at same time be abble to have multiple language reference to learn?

Thank you.

this website is awesome by the way !

October 29, 2014

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Your progress in English for French speakers is not lost. As you changed the base language to English, you are not able to see it. Go to the below link and select your old course, you should be able to see your previous course snapshot.

Edit: You will always need to go through the above for adding any new courses where the base language is changing. In case you want the language change process to be simpler, you can try one of the user scripts present on the Duolingo wikia page.
Duolingo Language Course Switcher

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