"Ela merece um vestido novo."

Translation:She deserves a new dress.

June 23, 2013

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merece = merits? (easier to remember)


These words are cognates, and "to merit" indeed means "to deserve".

However, DL presently does not accept "merits" in place of "deserves" in this sentence.


Do Portuguese speakers really hear a big difference between the Br and Pt pronunciations? To me they seem very minor - merehsi or murehsi. http://www.forvo.com/word/merece/#pt


Haha! Portuguese Duolingo's obsession with girls wearing dresses. The exercises must be written by a man who doesn't know many women because every sentence with women seems to be about being pretty and wearing skirts and dresses. Is that how you see women?


Please accept the easy-to-remember cognate, "she merits."

"From Middle English merite, from Old French merite, from Latin meritum (“that which one deserves; service, kindness, benefit, fault, blame, demerit, grounds, reason, worth, value, importance”), neuter of meritus, past participle of mereō (“I deserve, earn, gain, get, acquire”), akin to Ancient Greek μέρος (méros, “a part, lot, fate, destiny”)."

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