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Seeing all languages (from all source to all target languages at once)

Hello, I'm sure many people have asked this already, but would it be possible implement the ability to see and easily switch between all combinations of source and target languages at once? E.g. with native language english I learnt german, but I also wanted to finish the tree in the other direction, with german as the base language. It is cumbersome to switch the "site language" and also profile only shows one set of language levels at a time either my english level or my german level.... any plans to upgrade this part of the site? Thanks...

October 29, 2014



There is a user script on the Wikia page for this functionality. You can probably try it out.
Duolingo Language Course Switcher


yeah, thanks, I checked it out, it's not bad, doesn't solve the situation all the way, but saves some time :) it'd be nice to see all levels from each source language to each target language displayed at once

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