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"Perché lei non ha seguito le regole."

Translation:Because she did not follow the rules.

June 23, 2013



This seems more llike "Why did you not follow the rules?"


Since it is in the form of a statement and not a question, it translates as "because".


Thanks - I guess I constructed the question mark.


me too :( - must pay more attention


CreyB, what you say is close to it. If it were a statement, then yes, perchè would translate as because; however, the English translation

Because she did not follow the rules.

is not in the form of a statement. It is rather a clause, and should not be capitalized. I believe at least it should be preceded by an ellipsis. I would prefer full sentences in duo lessons, or at least that they not mark me wrong for making up my own interpretation. Oh well.

... because that would make too much sense!


True. If you listen to the woman like I did.

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