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  5. "Rugadh i gCorcaigh í."

"Rugadh i gCorcaigh í."

Translation:She was born in Cork.

October 29, 2014



why 'rugadh ......í' and not 'rugadh sí'


Because it's the past autonomous form. It's more like 'One birthed her...' and is just better situated in English thr other way.


could you say 'rug sí' ?


The verb "rug" means "to give birth"; Rug sí cailín means She gave birth to a girl. (In reality many speakers would rather express this by saying Rugadh cailín di, literally There was birthed a girl to her.)

You can think of it in terms of subjects and objects. Rug an cailín means The girl gave birth (girl is the subject), while Rugadh cailín means A girl was born, or literally There was birthed a girl (girl is the object).


"Rugadh í i gCorcaigh" would also be grammatically correct, right? Is there a stylistic preference for one order or the other?


Bhí an t-ádh dearg uirthi

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