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Duolingo forgetting levels I have completed

I usually use this excellent app on my iphone 5 on the train to and from work to learn Spanish and refresh my French. Lately I have a problem with the app forgetting some of my progress through the levels and modules.

Half my journey is underground, and I think that it might be the source of my problem with the app because I start the level with a good internet signal but complete it with no signal (because I'm now underground). I mention the loss of signal because I think it might be relevant somehow.

The problem is that I complete a level or two on my journey to work, and then the next time I go back to the app (on my way home), it has forgotten my progress. I have to keep repeating levels again and again. I had to do the business module about four times, and it's going to make me quit altogether if the app doesn't start remembering my progress more reliably...

What can I do about this? Is it because I start a module with good signal and end it with no signal underground? Or some other reason?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

October 29, 2014



I think this problem is due to you being in off-line mode when you loose your signal. You can complete the lesson like this but you will need to go back on line again in order to synchronise with Duo.

I think you can doing this by logging off and back on again, but there may be an easier way which I am not aware of.


I thought it would be something like that but I assumed the DL app would "remember" my progress and just wait for the internet to be available again so it would be able to transmit that progress to the DL central server. Instead it appears to just lose the progress.

The app seems to cope badly with the loss of signal halfway through levels anyway - sometimes it loses the speaking voice, sometimes it doesn't, and it often takes over a minute to grade an answer if the signal is lost while I'm in the middle of answering the question. I know this is a minor gripe but on the other hand a lot of people use Duolingo on their journeys to work and London can't be the only city in the world with patchy internet connectivity on public transport. :-)

I love this app and it has taken me from nowhere to being able to speak Spanish, so I'm very grateful - these are just minor frustrations.

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