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"Pigerne og drengene spiser en sandwich."

Translation:The girls and the boys are eating a sandwich.

October 30, 2014



The schools must be on a budget


I feel like my school here is the US is broke.


They share a sandwich or they have one sandwich per person?


Could be interpreted as both, but most likely the latter


In the US there are plenty of places where you can get 6 foot (approx 1.83 meter) sandwiches - usually called heroes, hoagies or subs. These sandwiches are meant to be cut and shared.


The little 1 - 0.5 ft. (30 - 15 cm for those of you who use the metric system, like smart people [shame on us Americans]) subs are more popular. The extra-long ones are called party subs.


Pigerne / Pigen and Drengene / Drengen sounds similar to me. :/


Pigerne is some specific girls and Drengene is also specific Drengen and Pigen is just 1 it sound similar but it means something different


Try to hear the ending in the slow pronounciation. The "-ne" should be audible.


Ain't no sharing anymore #corona


In English you would say ‘the boys eat their sandwiches’ whilst in French, we would say the equivalent of ‘the boys eat their sandwich’ meaning they have one each. Another example: in English ‘the men enter with their hats on their heads’ but a French person would say the equivalent of ‘the men enter, the hat on the head’. What would you say in Danish?


the boys eat their sandwiches = drengene spiser deres sandwiches

the men enter with their hats on their heads = mændene går ind med deres hatte på hovedet / mændene går ind med hatte på deres hoveder

As a native danish speaker, those are the two ways I would translate that sentence.


Thanks EllicecX. I am sending you a lingot. Some Duolingo sentences make so little sense that translating them is a bit of a challenge: is it the way Danes express themselves or is it non-sensical in Danish too!


I cannot get past this. The Danish is too fast to detect what they are saying


As a native danish speaker, the audio (the male voice, at least) is saying this sentence very slowly.

But don't give up! The more you listen to the language and become more familiar with the different sounds, the easier it will be for you to hear what they say.


it doesn't say "the boys" is wrong even tho I said "boys"

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"the girls and boys" would be translated as "pigerne og drengerne". The second 'the' in English is often omitted, but implied.


How would you say "The boys and girls are eating a sandwich"?

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"Drengene og pigerne spiser en sandwich."


I had a brain fart and didn't see the "are eating a" in the translation. What I meant to say was how would you say "the boys and girls eat a sandwich."

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Danish (like German) doesn't really make the distinction between "eat" and "are eating" in normal speech.
If you wanted to translate literaly, then "Drengene og pigerne spiser en sandwich." would be "The boys and girls eat a sandwich.", while "The boys and girls are eating a sandwich." would be "Drengene og pigerne er i gang med at spiser en sandwich." (or something along the lines) (= 'are busy with eating').
But the latter normally is used only to emphasize the action, not to simply describe a situation.


2/3 of these sentences doesn't make any sense

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