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DuoLingo App?

I am currently running DuoLingo on the browser on my Android tablet, which works fine but is a little clunky. I believe that DuoLingo would have a greater impact on its target audience if it released an app for both Android and iPhone. Thoughts?

September 30, 2012



Personally, I think duolingo should release a public API to interact with the site, and then if they are short on time, a 3rd party could manage the iPhone and Android apps. If they ever released an "official" app, then people would have the option to use that or stick with the 3rd party one. I guess if they wanted to force people to use their app, then they could change the API.


I agree. After completing a real world translation on the iPad, it won't let me rate another translation, skip it, rate more, or offer suggestions. Website is too tiny to use on an android phone, so I'm stuck at Basics with no way to move on and unlock more.


You should have a look at their twitter, they are pretty active: http://twitter.com/duolingo/status/253587125759520769

That is the iOS version, and I remember reading that Android was next after that.


Cool! I'm really looking forward to the new app then :) Thanks!

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