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Offline Version?

Think yall might make an offline version of duolingo? I would love to use it on the subway. Perfect place for it actually cause I am so bored with nothing to do I might as well learn something useful.

June 23, 2013



I would really like a chrome app for using Duolingo offline on my laptop!


Yes, same here! I really don't want to lose my possible 170 day streak on the one week holiday :)


I think they have this on Iphone already and are in the process of bringing it to Android.


Yes, I also think that offline would be great! Currently it is a bit of a problem for me to continue my lessons while traveling...


As this message is 3 months old, does anyone have any news on this? :-) I would really like to practice on the subway!


sorry for bringing it up again... is there such a thing?


Would like to know about an offline version to use on my Chromebook as I would love to use it on the subway or when I am travelling?

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