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    I'm about 2/3 through the German graph (tree). I have not been able to begin either of the new modules available to me (Adj Nom 2 or Adverbs 2),

    When I click on either of these modules, I am taken to the screen that shows all of the lessons in the module. However, when I click on the first lesson, the app sends me back to the home screen.

    Thanks in advance for your help --- I love the app!

    October 30, 2014



    You should move this to the Troubleshooting forum, or better still report it via the Support tab as well.


    Hi! This was fixed and should no longer be an issue. Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes it's fixed -- thank you!


      This is happening to me on the French tree! :( Hope this is resolved.


      Hi there! We're taking a closer look into this. Going to move to the troubleshooting forum as well.

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