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bon et bonne

what's the differnce between bon and bonne? i find their use confusing.

September 30, 2012



un bon garçon, une bonne fille. It's the same word used with a masculin or feminin noun.

  • 1855

Right. Beware of cases where the masculine form of this adjective ("bon") is used before a vowel (ex: "Un bon ami"). In such cases, in French we do the liaison between the two words. Consequently, "bon" sounds like "bonne". You can still make the difference between the masculine and the feminine forms, thanks to the article (ex: If it is "un" or "le", you have to use the masculine "bon", and if it is "une" or "la", then use the feminine "bonne").


just like rexy said, and a nice explanation from Remy :)


Listen to them. Bon is masculine, bonne is feminine


So is bonne nuit because nuit is feminine? So if one is describing an object as good, if object is feminine it' s bonne if masculin it's bon? Is that it?

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