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Can't scroll down on my lessons

I have a problem. When I'm in the lessons area I don't have that scroll bar on the side, ergo I can't see the rest of my lessons. The bar is there when I'm anywhere else in duolingo, just not in the lessons. Can someone help me?

October 30, 2014



Now I noticed there is the same problem when I go to the lingots store.


The home page has a different layout compared to the other pages. On the homepage you have 2 scroll bars, one for the lesson and one for the right side panel which has the Weekly Progress graph, Strengthen skills button, Leaderboard and other information. The extreme left and right areas are not part of the movable frame. If you want to scroll on the lessons area, click the somewhere on the lessons area, like say next to Basics 1, and then scroll or use down key.


try another version of duolingo


This problem persists in the lesson area. This is frustrating that they have not addressed it yet. If you need to study or review a lesson, the best alternative would be using the website rather than the app on your phone.

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