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"Tomorrow I will bake three vlaaien and six appelflappen."

Translation:Morgen zal ik drie vlaaien en zes appelflappen bakken.

October 30, 2014



"morgen bak ik drie vlaaien en zes appelflappen" I only assumed this because I've seen the dutch prefer to use the present tense, is this correct?


We do indeed use sentences without such auxilary verbs. Your sentence is accepted and normally used. It is also more informal than "Morgen zal ik bakken". I would always use such auxilary verbs in formal writing, though.


are the words "vlaaien" and "appleflappen" ever used anywhere in the English language???


I can only assume we don't have english equivalents. I'm not sure on this, I haven't looked it up ^^


An appelflappen is a turnover filled with apple, a vlaai is a specific type of pie (from Limburg)

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