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  5. "Han er længe væk."

"Han er længe væk."

Translation:He is gone for a long time.

October 30, 2014



"He is long gone." is a bit colloquial in English but I believe it means the same thing as "Han er længe væk." But it's not accepted as correct.


I just had the same problem.

[deactivated user]

    I don't think so. He is long gone, for me, that he has gone out and may not come back. He's gone long time, for me, is more - (I am worried) he should be back by now.


    "He is long gone" means he left a long time ago


    To me ‘he is gone for a long time’ (or he has been away/absent for a long time) implies you are expecting him back. Whereas I would say ‘he is long gone’ just means he left a long time before you asked, there is no expectation that he will return.


    I honestly think this should be the accepted solution. Arriving at the required translation is impossible.


    Is laenge only used for length of time? I did "He is far away" but it was not correct. I guess that would make sense, though, saying he is 'long gone'.


    As far as I've heard "han er langt væk" refers to distance and "længe" refers to the time


    "He is away a long time" should be correct, yes?


    I put He is away for a long time. This should be accepted as away is even shown as one of the meanings of væk in the drop down list and it means the same thing.


    Why is "away" not an acceptable translation for væk?


    Why is.... he is away for a long time... incorrect


    Could you say "He is away for a long time", I wonder?

    [deactivated user]

      He is out for a long time, also fits.


      "far away" refers to distance, not time


      Why not "He is long away"?

      [deactivated user]

        Doesn't sound like natural English.


        You need to include the element of time, GONE FOR A LONG TIME.


        Why is it not: He is a long time away. ?


        'He's a long way away' is ok - but I think you'd have to say 'he's been away for a long time'

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