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  5. "Heel Italië speelt voetbal."

"Heel Italië speelt voetbal."

Translation:All Italy plays soccer.

October 30, 2014



All of Italy or all Italians would be a better translation... All Italy sounds weird


I still think football should be accepted, as soccer is mainly the american name..... it is, after all, a game you play with your feet......


Why not "Whole Italy plays football"?

[deactivated user]

    The same question from my side - "all" should be used with plural or with something which can be countable. If there is a country it should be "whole" in my opinion. It can be "All Italians play football", but "All Italy ..." sounds at leasy strange


    Football is the correct version, as been said soccer is only used by Americans


    Soccer (from association football) is actually used in much of the Commonwealth. That is why the "Socceroos" do not come from America.


    In Australia it is used soccer as football is a completely different game.


    All Italy doesn't sound right at all


    why whole Italy was not accepted?


    Because in English 'whole' has to be part of an extended phrase such as 'the whole of...' or 'a whole...' not sure what the grammatical rules are that govern this though!


    "Al Italië" is correct too?


    No, in dutch 'al' translates to already so you can't use that


    It is a very strange sentence: However Italy has the model of a boot, it can not play any sport! It would be: "Alle Italianen spelen voetbal" = All the Italian people play soccer"


    It's maybe a bit strange in English, but not in Dutch. In some languages you can say that a (whole) country does something, although that is technically not really possible. In German you can also say 'Ganz Italien spielt Fußball'. Does not sound odd at all to my native ears.


    It isn't odd in English either, although all of Italy would sound better.

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