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  5. "Ik ben moe en ik wil slapen."

"Ik ben moe en ik wil slapen."

Translation:I am tired and I want to sleep.

October 30, 2014



How about "I am tired and want to sleep" ?


The sentence is 'Ik ben moe en IK wil slapen.'


How would you say "I am tired and I want sleep" as in you want the noun "sleep"?


Ik ben moe en ik wil slaap. Noun sleep -> slaap.


Ah, dank je. I thought that "slapen" was also the noun for some reason.


Hey, dutchjes, I have a little problem with "om te", can i say this: Ik ben moe en ik wil om te slapen?. Please.


Hi MillerP.1,

Learner here... But I guess I can help you anyway.

You can't use om te with willen, so no, you can't say that.

willen, being a modal verb, doesn't combine with om te/te+(verb); they are combined with what is known as a bare infinitive (infinitive verb that is not preceded by to/te).

For more information and a very clear explanation with several examples, please read the following article (it's a few pages long): http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=Verbs.Au15

Hope this helps.

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