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  5. "Die Tasche ist original."

"Die Tasche ist original."

Translation:The bag is original.

June 24, 2013



how is purse wrong?


Google Translate listed 'purse' as an option, so I reported it.


When they show pictures for "Tasche", the picture is often what we would call a "purse." I have usually translated it "bag", but this time I tried purse, and it was rejected. I would think that, given the context, "purse" would actually be the preferred translation.


Only in American English. In British English, a purse is a coinpurse.


I'm not 100% sure, but I think that "Tasche" covers "purse" even in that sense. (Native speakers, could you double-check?)


I know that where I am it's Geldbeutel or just Beutel, but I think that's regional?

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Or a Portemonnaie. Or a (Geld-)Börse (which is related to purse btw.). But I wouldn't call such small things a Tasche.


"genuine" is not accepted for "original' even though Duolingo defines "genuine' as a valid translation of the "original"'.


So report it via the "report a problem" button.


The word "bag" is ambiguous and could mean a grocery bag in which case the adjective "original" would be senseless. "Purse" or "pocketbook" are both better translations of Tasche in this case.


First, it has the same ambiguity in German as in English; second, the sentences are both normal, idiomatic uses in both languanges; third, that's how we cope with ambiguity -- we discard the senseless version in favor of the meaningful one.


Does it mean the bag is made by a big brand or that it is unique?


I think it can be both, but I'd like a confirmation, too.


In many poorer parts of the world products made by brands (like nike, Adidas or even gucci) are copied and similar looking cheap replicates are sold at fraction of the prices of the original. These are called 'fakes'. When you buy a product (in India) it's not uncommon to ask the shopkeeper if the product is 'original' i.e. made by the actual company.


Sometimes I get mixed up with Tasse (cup), and Tasche (bag). So I have to hover over just to make sure. Übung macht den Meister! ^.^

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Es ist noch kein Meister von Himmel gefallen is my favourite way to say that :)

[And I happen to mix them too...]


Isn't "Tasche" "pocket"? It didn't accept it.


It's both bag and pocket. I just inputted "pocket" to see if it would work and it did (10/23/15).


"Die Tasche ist original", this sentence is unusual. I would say: "Die Tasche ist unverändert." Or: "Die Tasche ist im Originalzustand."


Maybe they mean "original" as in "it's an original Dolce & Gabbana bag"?


Does it make any sense to say Die Tasche ist original original?

As in the bag is genuinely original?


Even in English that would be a tautology. Unless by genuinely you mean 'definitely' or 'actually', in which case you should use those words.


I would go for "Die Tasche ist echt original".


If it makes sense at all (I'm not a native speaker), it's probably more like saying "It is genuine genuine." Similar in concept to "Yeah, but do you like like her?" Can be said, but fairly uncommon. Love to hear a German's take on it though.


I would add the sentence can also mean, The pocketbook/purse/bag is unique.


Pocketbook and purse are too specific, I think.


Why is "purse" too specific? (I understand for pocketbook.)


"Die Tasche", is not purse. In spanish cartera is purse and Tasche is cartera, why is not accepted?


Most spanish speakers translate "cartera" to be "wallet" and "bolso" to be "purse". At least, that is how I have always heard it. It may just be translated differently due to what region the speaker is from. Translations vary depending from what region the person speaking is from.


It rejected the "the handbag is original". I think this is correct. If someone more expert than I could submit it as an acceptable alternative, I would be much obliged. Danke!


Back in the days (sixty years ago) when I studied German in the classroom, Tasche" was "pocket" and purse was "Handtasche".


Okay, so this was obviously borrowed from French like so many words as I'm seeing. My issue is that you chose to keep the original sound from certain borrowed words and for others you go with the german equivalent. One or the other lol


That's last year's collection.


German student here. Actually die Tasche can mean a bag(purse) and a pocket. Nieder is false, but here is. Better fix that.


After a very brief search, I discovered many definitions for the word “Tasche,” including: bag, purse, pouch, case, pocket, handbag, satchel, box, suitcase, and briefcase. At that point I stopped my search. For those not familiar with it, there’s a very good multi-language on-line dictionary at reverso.com. The feature at Reverso that I really like, is that for most words it provides scores and scores of actual sentences using the sought word, taken it appears from many sources. There are other useful features at the site, only a few of which I’ve used. Try it, it’s likely you’ll like it.


Today 14/May/2019, reported that "purse" was marked wrong. Still not working...


Would "echt" be synonymous in this case?


Pocket was not accepted for Tasche???

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