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Norwegian books online/pdfs/epub whatever.

Hi :) I would like to learn some norwegian and I thought it would be awesome to do so by listetning to audiobook and reading a book at the same time. :) The problem is (and maybe it's my lack of norwegian knowledge here) that I simply can't find anything. Anything!! Children books, little prince, potter, zafon, dan brown, nesbo, larsson, king. Damn, just any book!! Can any of you help me with any bokmal books? : )

off course I can pay for electronic versions of those books! (because the shipping from norway to poland may cost half of my salary) but lead me the way hehe.

Tusen takk! : )

October 30, 2014



The Danish radio offers a series of extracts from recent books in pdf and downloadable audio files I just discovered yesterday. (The current offering is three chapters from a book on terror. The vocabulary will unfortunately probably come in handy.)

Why don't you check their national broadcaster for something similar? Or maybe someone from Norway can direct you?


good one. My girlfriend read it (translated into polish) and says it's great. However, it's nowhere to be found on the web sadly :/

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