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"Hvorfor tager hun kun en frugt?"

Translation:Why is she only taking one fruit?

October 30, 2014



Does this mean "one piece of fruit"? or "one kind of fruit" or is it as ambiguous as in English?


It means one fruit :) it doesnt say "en type frugt"


In the fast version can you hear the lady say "hun"? She skips it, right?


She doesn't. It's because it's at fast speed - we Danes do actually speak like this sometimes. One can't always hear every word spoken clearly and individually. I guess it's just because we're too lazy and want to get the sentence spoken as fast as possible, so it ends up sounding like: hvorfor tar'un kun en frugt?


Maybe the lessons should be with a more clear accent so we actually learn how to speak and then, after we are good at it, we can go to the fast speaking the natives have. I'm not sure this helps right now.


Tak. Now I know how visitors feel in Ireland. We also speak quickly.


Fordi det er en hel durian :-)


... And it's a banana


the 'only ' should go after fruit if it means one fruit otherwise it means she is taking only eg not cooking .

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