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You can now read 0.1%...

Sorry, guys, is that message suppose to be motivational? Because to be honest, it's kind of depressing... I would rather not know! 50% and higher in increments of 10, maybe, but 0.1!? Please, don't tell me that ;-)

June 24, 2013



Agreed! This should not be shown. We'll fix this soon.


Great, thank you :-)


I also don't mind the fact that it says "0,1%" as much as that it remains 0,1% and does not increase :-) (At least in the beginner stages). As far as I am concerned it could show "0.00001%" as long as the numbers keep increasing.

I find it okay not to show percentages that low, however. To show it for 50% and above I would find I bit too high, though. I think 5, 10, 15, 20,..... would be a good way to go (or even 1,2,3,... but I don't know about the validity about that ;))

Thanks for the great piece of software!


Why is that bad, you just started learning French, how can anybody expect you to successfully translate an article? Don't be too disheartened about it just keep at the lessons :D


It's not bad, it's annoying. I know I just started, and I know I have a lot to learn... Reminders like that don't help me, personally, so I am sharing how they make me feel :-)


Maybe the staff can put in an option to turn the notification on/off after they are done collecting data on it.


I have not seen this message, and I have no idea what you're talking about. Can someone explain?


It's basically a message after you finish a lesson that says something like, "You can now read ____% of articles," and it suggests an article that it thinks you might want to try translating. I believe that it is a feature they are currently testing, and only 50 percent of users have been randomly chosen to see it.


I got a 0.1% last week, it's a motivation to me (So I work every day now)


I'd actually love to be able to see this. I'd really like to know how long the road ahead is and how much more effort I'll have to put in :-)


I would be okay with it starting at 5% and going up in 5% increments. But, otherwise, I agree. It's just disheartening to see that I can't read even 1% of articles.


After the initial testing is through, I think the "You can now read ___ percent of all articles" should be an option you can turn on and off, and adjust whether you can show 0.1 progress, 1.0 progress, 5.0 progress, etc.


I guess I am a complete oddball, but this started showing up at around 5% I think, and I find it very motivational because every time I complete a lesson it jumps up several percent. I can therefore see a lot of very quick progress. Later on, the lessons get more complex and take longer to complete, so the percentage you can read will increase more slowly (I presume).

I think if it waited to tell me until I could read 50% or 75% or 90%, it would demotivate me and likely cause me to become lazy and complacent. "Gee, I can read most articles? I guess I can relax now."

I would rather see every indication and data point of my progress possible rather than have it hidden because someone is afraid to be told they don't know something which they are coming to the site to learn precisely because they don't know it. I think a happy medium would probably be to introduce this at 10% but still display the continuous result after each lesson.


Yeah, this is both shocking and funny to see


Does anyone have any idea when the rest of us are getting this feature? I would really like to know about how many articles I can read in Spanish.


Yes, I was getting the messages and the offered articles. At first I didn't feel I should and was waiting until I built a little vocabulary. NOW, I would like to hear my percentage and have an offered relevant text to translate and it's not offering me them anymore. :(


Given your level, the percentage would probably show as 0.1%. I'm level 10, and that's what it tells me, anyway. : (


I know, I just want the offered articles to work on


skyehoppers, I'm at level 12 in French, just as you're at level 12 in Spanish, and the little msg. that comes up for me says that I can translate 95.3 (or 93.5, I forget which) percent of articles in French. Maybe yours would say about the same. This just started showing up for me w/in the last week. I thought I had passed some sort of threshold, as offers of articles to translate started showing up at the same time. But it sounds like that 's not so. It must have just started for whatever reason. I'm glad it started when I was at a fairly high level! A less than 1% msg. would NOT be motivational, to say the least. As for when such msgs. might start, above 50% sounds good to me. Even though the articles are showing up for "translation," I still don't want to simply correct translations done by others, which seems to be what the new "translating" (i.e., immersion) is like. That is incredibly boring. The old method of submitting one's own translations was much more enjoyable.


I think this was a really good idea but maybe only introduce it when you have reached a minimum of 50% :)


I thought it was funny when I first saw that.

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