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"Discuss sentence" threads that are on each lesson question, needs work, either most people that post don't come back to benefit or questions don't get answered because either most of the people opening up those threads are people with questions and not answers or often times most people who have a question read down until their question is answered and don't read further down to another question they may be able to answer. Also some questions don't get questioned because of this. So I got an idea.

A lot of these questions on these discuss question threads are asked over and over again when the same situation occurs on another sentence. Also each sentence has multiple possible questions, so to hone in on every issue my solution is (and I wouldn't have thought of this if it weren't for the fact that there are already more sentences than words) you make a discussion board for each word. Each word has a link to another pop up window to that words thread. The issue on how that word is used in that sentence may be taken care of in that sentence thread, but if not it certainly will in the word thread.

No more constant questions on "why de and not du" or "don't le alway mean the?"

And with this really ingenious post positioning feature we have here, the answer will always be on top. It would lower the amount of postings and can actually serve as an informal grammer/tips/explanation.... cloud!!!!

June 24, 2013


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