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  5. "My watch and my clock."

"My watch and my clock."

Translation:M'uaireadóir agus mo chlog.

October 30, 2014



Why is there a space after the apostrophe?!


Because of a bug in Duolingo's system that won't let it be written without it in most cases.


Ok cool thanks :) Thought I was going crazy!


Given it won't accept actually using m'uaireadóir, why does it also reject mo uaireadóir?


Irish hates having a vowel with a vowel, so "mo uaireadóir" would be considered unnatural. "M'uaireadóir" (no space) is the correct form.


Any ideas what to do to get around this bug? It is kind of difficult remember which ones require a space and which ones are corrected and do not want a space. I'm constantly getting these wrong because of the space issue.


The Incubator software has been modified and we are now able to fix most of these bugs; it seems that there may be a short lag between us making the correction and the new version of the exercise going live.


Great, Thank you. I think I will answer it correctly with no space and deal the incorrect answer for now. I can't imagine going through the tedious process of changing all of those. Thanks to you and the others for making this course possible.


No one's answered, so I'll venture a guess. Maybe because, due to the aforementioned bug, m' uaireadoir (with the apostrophe but with a space) is the only acceptable answer?

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