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Vowel monophthongs

Hello everyone :) How do I know when to use u ũ o õ i ĩ e ẽ and etc??

Obrigado! :)

June 24, 2013



I've found this website for you: http://www.learn-portuguese-with-rafa.com/portuguese-pronunciation.html

You'll see two texts to read along with the woman. Clearly it's done by a woman from Portugal, so it's quite different from what you'll hear if ever in Brazil... Also,the rules are based on EU-PT,but many of them can be used with BR-PT

1- He explained that "têm" is pronounced like we'd have two "e" (teem). But that doesn't happen with BR-PT.

2- They pronounce "s" at the end of a word like sh. Brazilians usually don't (except for some regions in Brazil,like Riode Janeiro)

3-~ is not an accent,but shows the letter has nasal sound

If you want to compare accents: http://www.learningportuguese.co.uk/audio/compare-accents.html

Further information:




Thanks! those two sites at the end of your comment are really helpfull! =)


Hi =) You don't use "ũ, ĩ, ẽ" in Portuguese. Does exist "ão", e.g.: "Coração" (Heart), "Movimentação" (Movement), as exist "ê", eg.: "Você" (you), "Ocorrência" (ocurrence), "Três" (three), and "õ", e.g.: "Impõe" (imposes), Questões (Questions).

Bons estudos!!!!! (God job!)


Hi! Thanks alot for your answer! So there is no use in ũ, ĩ, ẽ In portuguese at all? ão, ê and õ Are the only vowels we use?

Muito obrigada e tenha um bom dia :)

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