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  5. "She wears a hat."

"She wears a hat."

Terjemahan:Dia memakai sebuah topi.

October 31, 2014

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jawaban "dia menggunakan sebuah topi" kok salah?


Use: menggunakan



Whats wrong with "Sepotong topi"? I think i can use sepotong for clothes.


"Sepotong topi" is unheard of, and is actually not intuitive for Indonesian speakers, and I think that's why it's not used.

You see, sepotong was derived from the verb potong, meaning to cut. You can cut shirts or pants, i.e. in a tailor shop you'd see people cutting shirts or pants. But you'd think that a hat was made using methods other than cutting. And more, what people conceived of hats were different when the word was invented than it is today.

As a rule of thumb, if you can't remember the classifier, "sebuah" will most definitely do. I think we accept "sebuah" for almost all nouns from fruits (buah itself means fruit) to electrical appliances, the exceptions being living things (i.e. people and animals).


Thx lepaslandas for the detailed explanation :)


Very helping! Thank you very much!


No no my dear, duolingo it rigt, not "sepotong topi" except "sebuah topi"


apa bedanya wears sama wear?

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