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Maltese Lesson 6 - Hallowe'en Special!

Firstly, apologies that I missed the lesson last week! I will keep as up to date as I can!

As you may know, I have been trying to get Maltese on here, but it hasn't happened yet. So, if you wanted to learn it, maybe you can learn a bit from these lessons that I will post. This week, learn some Maltese Hallowe'en vocabulary!

<h1>Maltese Lesson 6 - Hallowe'en!</h1>
  • devil = xitan ('SHEE-tan')

  • pumpkin = qargħa ħamra ('Arr-ah HAM-ra')

  • ghost = spirtu ('spIrr-too')

  • monster = mostru ('MOSS-troo')

  • witch = saħħara (sAh-hah-rah')

  • rat = far ('fAhr')

  • death = mewt ('mOOt')

  • to kill = joqtol ('yoh-tAWl')

  • fear = biża ('BEE-zah')

  • horror = orrur ('ohr-OR')

  • to startle = ħasda ('HAZ-dah') or alternatively: qatgħa ('AT-ah')

  • sugar = zokkor ('tsOck-orr')

  • too much sugar = iżżejed zokkor ('izz-AY-edd tsOck-orr')

  • lantern = fanal ('FAH-nall')

  • candle = xemgħa ('SHEM-ah')

  • knife = sikkina ('sick-EE-nah')

  • festival = festa ('fEst-ah')

  • nighttime = bil-lejl ('bill-LAle')

  • help! = ajjut! ('ah-yOOt!')

  • blood = demm ('DEmm')

  • black cat = qattus iswed ('AH-tuss ISS-wed')

  • candy = kandju ('kAnd-yOO')

  • costume = kostum ('KOSS-toom')

  • evil = ħażin ('HAH-zeen') This also means 'bad'.

  • moon = qamar ('AH-marr')

  • dark = skur ('skUrr')

  • skeleton = iskeletru ('iss-KELL-et-roo')

  • spider = brimba ('brIm-bah')

  • I am a ghost = Jien spirtu ('yEEn spIrr-too')

  • Your costume is very good = Il-kostum tiegħek huwa tajjeb ħafna ('ill-KOSS-toom tEE-ekk OO-wah TIE-yeb HAF-nah')

  • Happy Hallowe'en! = The same, but if you want, you can say: Igawdu Hallowe'en! ('igg-OW-doo HALL-oh-wEEn') This literally means 'enjoy Hallowe'en'.

Maltese Hallowe'en

There is a village called 'The Popeye Village' in Malta. Is was the film set for the musical Popeye film made in 1980. The village has been done up for Hallowe'en.

A pumpkin-carving competition is being held at Valletta Waterfront. You can see a clip of them on the Times of Malta website. You can see someone carved a Maltese cross on their pumpkin at about 1:28 in the video! Some very interesting designs here...

Have a great Hallowe'en and keep learning!

Grazzi ħafna!


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October 31, 2014



If endangered languages should be preserved because of uniqueness and historical value, Maltese should be at the top of the list. Good luck!

<h1>Grazzi ħafna!</h1>

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for this!!!!


    Mhux problema! I really enjoy making these.


    I only vaguely remember the Popeye movie. I definitely didn't remember that it was a musical!
    You seem very committed to getting Malta added. I wish you the best of luck!


    It says here that it is. Maybe it had the odd song in it, I don't know, I never saw it.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


    Yeah, wiki has a list of the songs performed.
    I believe I was 6 when I saw it, so no surprise that I don't remember it as a musical.


    StrapsOption, why do you like Maltese so much? I mean, I am from Malta so its my language...


    Well, I am part Maltese, but that's not the biggest reason. It's an incredibly interesting language, but the biggest reason is that it just sounds so amazing.


    Because he is awesome :)

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