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"Aspetto davanti alla stazione ferroviaria."

Translation:I am waiting in front of the train station.

June 24, 2013



Is "ferroviaria" very commonly used? I would have been more inclined to say "la stazione del treno" is that also correct?

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No, it's occasionally said "la stazione dei treni" in imitation of "la stazione degli autobus", but it's more often "stazione ferroviaria". Although I generally only call it stazione and refer to the bus one as "capolinea" (end of line).


Yes it is used. It literally means 'iron road'. Very descriptive ;-)


i don't see a difference between rail station and train station


Which flavour of English uses "rail station"?



Other than in the northeast cities, US train stations are so rarely used, we hardly know what to call them ;)


In Australia we say "railway station", not "train station". I can imagine "rail station" being used, probably by someone from England.


Nope, here in the UK we generally say "railway station" or "train station" (or just station if the context is right) but I've never heard rail station - I suspect we are all getting worked up over a typo.


If it helps I usually hear people use "railway station" and occasionaly train station. I haven't heard "rail station". (UK resident)


Yes it does help, thank you!

So dmmaus was right about his guess that "railway" station will probably be used in England.

I love it to hear from you in which country / region actually which way of saying is preferred, thanks!


why is " I wait" not just as acceptable as" I am waiting", or how you you distinguish between the two?


I'm not sure. If it was just on its own. Then I might use "I wait" as a response to news of a delay (though even then mostly in D&D or other RPGs where you are describe your actions). You might also do "I wait" if you specifically specified how long for. "I wait for 5 minutes" but in this particular context when the wait is describing a location or dependent on a trigger, I'd be included to use "I am waiting at X" or "I am waiting for X" I wait would be understood but it would not be common.


Can you also say 'sto aspettando' here?

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