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  5. "Hij is in het kasteel."

"Hij is in het kasteel."

Translation:He is in the castle.

October 31, 2014



Het spijt me, Mario, maar de prinses in nog een kasteel is!


Haha, not bad! One small mistake: "maar" is a coordinating conjunction, not subordinating (just like "en", "of" and "want"). That means that the second clause has a normal word order and the verb is not moved to the back. Correct would be:

Het spijt me, Mario, maar de prinses is in een ander kasteel!


It's okay, I forgot my memes. It should start out with 'Dank je wel, Mario...'


How is "kasteel" pronounced? The "t" doesn't sound like an English "t".


Yes, it is; it is pronounced like the "t" in the English word "steel" or "stop." The IPA would be [käsˈteːɫ], with the stress on the second syllable

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