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My repository of interesting questions/discussions

Dear Duo,

I would like to have a repository for my own interest of the discussions/questions. So whenever I want to have a review of my past questions, I can go back to review them, rather than looking into my email, and find the questions I've been following, and click the link one by one.

Ideally, it can be a place where I find all the questions I failed at the first time, or a storage for all the discussion I have posted, or a storage for all the discussion I have answered, or a storage for all the discussion I have followed.

I know it is a lot of work, so dear Duo, you can just take it as my wishes! Please do make it real if possible on your schedule!

And as always, you are great! I will keep duolingoing! Thanks you for all the support!

June 24, 2013



Thanks! Happy you are enjoying Duolingo :) So, making it easier to find old but interesting discussion threads is definitely something we've been thinking about as we start improving the forum design. What you're describing is interesting and something we'll consider as we revamp the design. Appreciate all the suggestions.


Sure. Thank you for all the support! Duo is definitely a blast! Looking forward to the update!


I would love for it to be easier to go back and find things I've commented on.

I often write (usually fairly detailed) explanations in answer to someone's question on one sentence's discussion page and then wish I could link new questions to that answer (or even copy and paste my old answer on to a new page). I was trying to find a link I thought I posted for someone once because I wanted to use it again, but I couldn't find it at all.

If no one has replied to your post you don't get an email, so you even can't look it up by searching your email...

Going back though my stream to find something is a pain (and slow going), because it has all my friends posts to discussion forums too. If I had my posts in a separate stream that would be more useful. A place to see all discussion forum threads that you clicked "follow discussion" on would also be useful.


It would already help being able to 'hide' the 'points gained' and 'skills mastered' from the Stream.

Even better would be a list of my recent comments, that are arranged from most recent (latest post/edit, comment, reply, ..)

On a side note; The amount of work you guys put into the site hasn't gone unnoticed. With every upgrade my heart beats higher :)

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