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"Barnet er ikke hurtigt når det løber."

Translation:The child is not fast when it runs.

October 31, 2014



"... when IT runs?"

I think the parent would be offended.


This may be fine in Danish, but no English speaker would call a child "it." We would need to specify a gender.


Danish parents would take offence aswell if the gender was known


We don't know the gender of the child, so it has to be the neutral "it".


No. Traditionally, the gender neutral 'he' would have been used, but nowadays the gender neutral 'they' would be used.


'The child is not a fast runner' is rejected as an answer though it is a perfectly acceptable phrase.


We would say 'they' and not 'it' if we didn't know the gender; in which case it would be 'they run'.


It is one child, plural would be "børnene".


It is now translated to me as "The child is not fast when they runs." This makes no sense..

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"They" can be used has a singular gender neutral pronoun :) (as ze, hir, etc. But I guess they is more common ?) Don't they have a gender neutral pronoun in danish for people ? Like "hen" in swedish ?


Earlier, for hurtige, there were fast and quick for translations, so this time i used quick and it counted me wrong.... Why? A child can be a quick runner


Yes, English speakers would never call a child "it"


In English if the gender is unknown the sentence would read "when they run".


The sentence is wrong. You can't say "hurtigt" in this sentence. It would be the same as saying "quick" and "quickly" is the same word. But as you know, it isn't; here are some examples:

He is fast/quick=Han er hurtig. he runs fast/quickly=han løber hurtigt

This is because quick is an adjective and quickly is an adverb but it's easy to mess up since you can use fast in both contexts. c;


The gender of barn is neuter (-t word), so the adjective has to be also a -t word. Barnet er hurtigt.


Where do you see it is the child running ?

The child is not fast when the dog runs.

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