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  5. "Om et øjeblik"

"Om et øjeblik"

Translation:In a moment

October 31, 2014



How do you know whether to use i, på, til or om? This is probably one of the most confusing things about danish for me so far.


I have a grammar book that dedicates several pages to those prepositions!

It is online somewhere - Danish: An Essential Grammar by Robin Allan, Philip Holmes, Tom Lundskaer-Nielsen.

"Om et øjeblik" is an example of "om" translating to the English word "in", indicating "future time when".

Other examples of "om" translating to "in":

  • om sommeren/vinteren
  • om morgenen/eftermiddagen/ aftenen
  • De kommer om en uge. (They are coming in a week.)


It's so similar to the Icelandic 'augnablik'! A blink of an eye.


Augnablik, øjeblik, ogenblik, augenblick... Long live Germanic languages (and its people :p)!


The use of øjeblik is the same as Augenblick in German?


Would "in an instant" also be a possible translation for this?


Certainly. But it counts as wrong.


Why can't it be translated 'in a minute' which is how we would express the idea in American English?


Your prayers have been heard it would seem, since it just accepted me writing that.

[deactivated user]

    why not
    "in the blink of an eye"


    It should be "eyeblink" instead of "moment." I am a German native and of course I know what "Augenblick" is!

    Wiki: From Middle Low German ôgenblik. Compare Norwegian Bokmål øyeblikk, Dutch ogenblik, German Augenblick, Icelandic augnablik, Swedish ögonblick, Yiddish אויגנבליק‎ (oygnblik) and English eyeblink. Equivalent to øje (“eye”) +‎ blik (“look”).


    "In an eyeblink" is a literal translation, it isn't a saying in English. "in a moment" has the closest meaning.

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