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Maintaining the streak with more courses

Yesterday I started a second course (English for Czechs, mostly to just check out how it looks so far) with no intention of maintaining the streak, because I thought my French streak would suffice - that even if I was learning 5 languages, meeting the daily goal for one would suffice to not lose my streak. But today I met my daily goal in French before the notification was sent to my e-mail, only to later find a notification for the English course, telling me to reach a 75 day streak (when today I already got to a 74 day streak by meeting the French daily goal). So even if I completed some English lessons, my streak of course didn't increase because it already did once today. Will DuoLingo take it as me not meeting my daily goal? How does the streak work for multiple courses anyway? I've seen some people mention "individual" and "overall" streaks, but I only have A streak, no adjective added, so I'm not sure what to consider it or where to find more info (the wiki isn't very helpful).

October 31, 2014



I don't have the Coach feature on the Web but from what I understood, the Daily Goal is not language specific. If you have a Daily Goal set to 20 and achieve 10 XPs each in 2 languages, the Daily Goal should be fulfilled and your streak will progress i.e. you will see an increment and a green tick mark. Is this not happening?


Yes, it did happen. What confused me was when I later got the notification for the second language telling me to extend my streak to a number I shouldn't get to until tomorrow. Maybe they just automatically mention the extending in every notification going by my current streak, no matter if I already met the goal with another language earlier that day. If so, they should do something with that...

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