"Noi stiamo per finire nei guai."

Translation:We are about to end up in trouble.

June 24, 2013

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Surely ''we are going to " and 'we will' are the same.


They want you to make the distinction that "stare + per" is a common construction that translates to "about to"


How would we say: "We are about to get in(to) trouble" ? I see "finire nei guai" on different sites being translated as "to get in trouble" but doulingo accepts only "end up".

Could we translate "Finiremo nei guai" as "We are going to get in trouble" ?


"Finire" is a convenient relative of "ending up", but I think that in this context you're closer: if you were to put it in the past, "sono finito nei guai" is more "I got in trouble" than "I ended up in trouble". Stated in the present, it's "sono nei guai" (I'm in trouble).


Is to "end in trouble" really wrong?


"We end up in trouble." is not accepted. How would we say "We end up in trouble.", in Italian, then??

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