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Listening practice with 2300+ native German sentences

I created a website where you can improve your listening skills with over 2300 native German recordings collected from Tatoeba. You can find more info about it in this post.

Here's the address of the site and a screenshot of me using the Portuguese version:


October 31, 2014



Thanks, I quite like this. Helps both with listening and working out translations. And it's set up in a way so the temptation to peek at the answer is not a problem.


You sir, deserve a medal.

This site is fabulous and just what I needed.

Thank you


Fantastic initiative!! Only had a quick play with it but so far so useful.... will definately be coming back to this. Many thanks


Excellent for listening/drilling with human voice, instead of computer-generated. Thanks! (Lingot!)


It's awesome. It also helps to learn new words. I like it a lot.Thank you so much.


Bookmarking immediately


That's awesome! Thank you!! ;). Five lingots for you =).


Extremely useful. Bookmarked. Thanks!


You sir are kind, benevolent, and utterly brilliant. I love it that you were willing to share the fruit of your efforts with us all!


As I've said already, great site well done.... but (always a but), would be great if you could login and the site remembered where you "were" last time. If you could win points and see yourself progressing would be great.


I agree with this. To see the progress is a really good motivation to visit the website more often. Hopefully in the future you'll be able to do that. Maybe using the same registration from Tatoeba? A joint collaboration with Duo would be great, but probably that's slightly more complicated =p Anyway, great job!


And there it is. :-P You can now create an account.


Whoa! Now that was fast! Have a lingot good sir. I wish you all the best with this project.

Now, for suggestions. What about to include a side bar for special characters? For example, for German sometimes the ß is needed.


They will be added soon, but I will be busy in the next few days, so I'm not sure when.


Fantastic!! and crikey that really was quick! I've only done a few sentences for the moment but will play around to try and give some constructive criticism. Many thanks and here's a lingot, hope others can chip in and give you more!

btw, I did have to use the "not very useful sentence" option for "the worm bends" ... haha, wonder where that came from!

Best of luck with this project


Well, doesn't it bend? :-) At least it was true. :-)


I would love it if the space bar would control the play/stop button. Or some button to start the recording over. Some sentences are very long, I wouldnt even remember them in english.


I'll think about it, but the space button wouldn't work since you use it for another purpose while typing.


haha! good point. XD


Great site, but shouldn't you sort the sentences in order of difficulty? To help beginners like me. Anyway thanks


Right now, I'm working with raw data. I'm collecting user ratings, but until I have enough of them so that I can rank the sentences by difficulty with good precision, I'm considering adding some filtering options like filtering sentences by length, for example.


Great Idea. Smart idea.


Very good idea! Thanks for putting the work into this. Much appreciated~


Luck is to find a post like this. I gave you a lingot, you'd deserve more :) Edit: I gave you two, after 20 sentences :D


Now, if only I could download it and play it all offline...


I'm guessing you asked the people behind Duolingo whether it's OK to advertise your website on here. That's usually very frowned upon, otherwise. :P


Very cool! This is exactly what I needed. Duolingo is better for written comprehension than listening comprehension, in my opinion, so resources like these are really valuable.

Some of the sentences I get won't play the audio, though. I'm on chrome, and sometimes it'll give me a sentence I can hear and sometimes it won't play at all :( one example of this I was given was "Seine Geschichte war zu lächerlich, um von irgendjemandem geglaubt zu werden." I dunno if anyone else has experienced this, but the only way I know how to fix it is by refreshing to get a new sentence that hopefully works.


Whenever you experience something like that, I advise you to check the solution instead and click the NO button at the bottom of the page before going to the next sentence. This way I'll be notified about the problem and I can weed these sentences out.


ayuda... envie la solicitud como moderador de curso a la encubadora de idiomas, pero quiero saber cuanto se demoran en responderme. gracias.


thanks a lot, very useful

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