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Listening practice with 1900+ native French sentences

I created a website where you can improve your listening skills with over 1900 native French recordings collected from Tatoeba. You can find more info about it in this post.

Here's the address of the site and a screenshot of me using the Portuguese version:


October 31, 2014



This is a really nice website. Thanks for sharing and creating!


omg i just checked it ,awesome website but they are too fast,we have a option to hear slowly in duolingo but there is no option but anyways it's all cool...every one should try it once...


Sorry I didn't think about slowing them down yet, but thanks for pointing that out, I will look into this possibility.

A few weeks ago I created a similar java application for my own use in Portuguese where I used a robotic voice, and I implemented an option to slow down the audio there, if you want to check it out here you can see it: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I1wynl2So8). I will think about how I can slow down all the audio recordings in the easiest way.


but except the slow down thing, its all cool......i love it ...thanx for dis awesome thing


Woohoo! The Slow Down option is FABULOUS! Thank you!


This is a great project!


Yes, with Czech support! Thank you!


I hope you would add persian as well


If you mean Persian translations, there are already Persian translations. If you mean Persian audio recordings, then unfortunately, it's not up to me. Currently, there are no Persian audio recordings on Tatoeba.org that I could use.


Oh wow -- thanks so much for creating this site! Have a few lingots, my friend! It is very humbling to try to wrap my head around a native speaker who is making absolutely no concessions to the learner. (I hope everyone who has ever complained about Duo's synthesized speech will come away with a new respect and appreciation for how hard the Owl tries to please and to be understood.)

A couple of observations/questions:

In the few sentences I've worked through, I've noticed two different speakers. (I'm assuming there are many more -- as I say, I haven't gotten very far yet.) One is far easier for me to understand than the other. Is there REGIONAL info available about the speakers as there is on Forvo.com, for example?

There is a huge VOLUME difference between the two voices. If you use earphones and adjust the volume to accommodate the softer voice/lower volume, your ears will get blasted if the next sentence is read by the louder voice. Is there some way for you to adjust this on your end? (I may be asking something that is impossibly difficult. If so, forgive my ignorance of the what would be involved technically.)

Again -- thanks a million, tommg!


I managed to remove volume differences (as I found out, this process is called normalization).


I just tried it and I think it works quite nicely. Thank you so much!


Unfortunately, there is no regional info about the speakers (except for those who have it stated on their profile page). :-( Maybe if I categorized every sentence by the uploader (there can't be that many), then a native speaker could tell me which dialect each speaker speaks, and then I could connect that with the sentences. Now that I think about it, this could be feasible.

As to the volume differences, I also noticed this, but I haven't looked into it yet, but I will.

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