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  5. "My flight is at night."

"My flight is at night."

Translation:Mit fly er om aftenen.

October 31, 2014



Native speaker here. This translation is wrong. The "correct" translation is now "my plane is at night" which makes no sense. Danish has no direct translation for flight and instead uses the word plane in conjunction with departure. Correct translation would be "Mit fly går om natten".


I was surprised that "om natten" was not accepted. I thought "aften" was more for evening, but maybe in this kind of usage, one just uses "aften." If anyone knows, please explain!


I used "om natten" as well – since nat translates to night, aften to evening. Even the translation when you hover over "om natten" says "at night". I think it might just be an error.


om natten? Why not?


There is a problem with this exercise . Please fix it.


but Aftenen is "the night", why is not "mit fly er om nat"?

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