"I know her family."

Translation:Conosco la sua famiglia.

June 24, 2013

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Doesn't "So la sua famiglia" mean the same?


No, "sapere" is used for knowing information, "conoscere" for being acquainted with people.


That's helpful. Thanks!


Thanks, I was wondering the same thing


I thought if it was a personal relationship "la" wasn't needed


You don't need it with the names of the relatives next of kin (in singular form) when combined with posessive pronouns: mia madre, mio padre, tua sorella, vostro fratello, nostro zio, tua zia, etc. (exceptions: LA tua mamma and IL tuo babbo). But you need an article: 1) when using plural form: "le mie sorelle" (my sisters). 2) when there's an attribute adjective: "il mio fratello minore" (my younger brother), "il mio caro cugino" (my dear cousin). 3) when using diminutive suffixes: "il mio fratellino", "la mia sorellina". 4) the pronoun "loro" always requires an article: "la loro madre" (their mother), "il loro fratello" (their brother).

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