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Suggestion : Translation in our mothertongue

Hello, I'd be glad to help with your translation work, but I don't have a level good enough in my target tongue. But I'm a native french speaker, so I could easily translate for the french section. Maybe you should let people translate in their native tongue

June 24, 2013



Hi! If you'd like to translate French articles into English you can do so. Just Add French as a learning language and go to the immersion view. You can also go into your settings and select 'Je veux apprendre l'anglais (je parle français) and check out the immersion view there (translate from English to French). For now, that's how you would access this. Happy to hear you enjoy translating :)


Yes, I was thinking the same, my mother language is Spanish, and I'm learning French, but I don't think I'm very capable to do french translations, but because I don't feel right using the site and not translating I'm going to start translating into Spanish using this method until there's a better way to do it.

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