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"Táirgtear carranna sa Ghearmáin."

Translation:Cars are produced in Germany.

November 1, 2014



For some reason, my brain thought "Carrots are produced in Germany." was a perfectly logical sentence.


Well, we also grow lots of carrots here, so your intuition isn't wrong at all... but sadly it won't help you with this irish course....


Why not also, Cars are made in Germany?


“Are manufactured” would be a possibility, but “are made” would have required Déantar.


Made is accepted now, 3/22/15


"Cars are manufactured in Germany" was declined, so I've reported it. Unless of course I'm wrong, in which case I'm more than happy to be corrected.


I've been doing Irish for quite a while but... I still couldn't find a relation between what is written and jow it is pronounced, at least a geat part of the time. (Just for example roghnaíonn any normal person would expect to see a "a" sound...) Is there any pronounciation rule?


...well, the 'í' is accented, so you'd expect to pronounce that... and if the 'í' is pronounced, the 'a' that precedes it would be there to bracket the 'n'... however I agree, it can be a challenge.

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