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"Both of the parents are at home now."

Translation:Entrambi i genitori sono a casa ora.

June 24, 2013



So I got this right, but only at the last minute changed from "dei" to "i" for "of the" e.g. Entrambi i genitori vs. Entrambi dei genitori... so would the second option be wrong? I only went with the first one because it sounded more similar to other examples, vs. really understanding. Thanks


Entrambi i genitori sono adesso a casa

Is there a reason why this is wrong? I'm starting to tear my hair out with duolingo recently, it has got so hard to get the right answer, even when I'm almost certain.

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Hm this sentence doesn't feel right unless ora/adesso is either at the beginning or at the end; "entrambi i genitori adesso sono a casa" would work too. Can't point out any rule to it though :P


Why does it have to be "a casa" and not "in casa"?

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