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  5. "Wat doet hij hiermee?"

"Wat doet hij hiermee?"

Translation:What does he do with this?

November 1, 2014



You don't wanna know.


Hahaha dirty! :P


Why not ermee? Is it the difference between "with it" and "with this"?


Im finding it hard to read this. Is it just a matter of memorizing these 'er' phrases?


It is common to combine er, hier, and daar with prepositions into one word, so I think it is better to realise that and try to recognise those words, than to start memorising phrases. To give you an idea how common these kind of words are, have a look at the possibilities in this list: https://onzetaal.nl/taaladvies/advies/er-voorzetsel-werkwoord#lijst


The issue is I don't understand how "hiermee" could ever possibly translate into "with this". It seems like a memorization thing.


If followed by a specific object, you'd use "met dit". If left unspecified, you need "ermee" or "hiermee". Ermee and hiermee always refer to something mentioned before.

"Wat doet hij met dit ding?"=What is he doing with this thing? "Wat is dit ding, en wat doet hij hiermee?"= What is this thing, and what is he doing with it?


hiermee can mean both "with this" and "with that" ? Or is there a word for "with that" ?


The usage here follows a pretty striaghtforward near/far dichotomy.

Hier = this (here)

Daar = that (there)

So with that would be daarmee.

Ermee is the unstressed version, so it refers to whatever is already understood as the object in question, regardless of how it would be translated to English.


Can this be also understood in less literal sense? As in "what does he has to do with this?"

[deactivated user]

    Why not "what's he doing with those"

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