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"Han kigger mig og spørger mig om jeg gerne vil prøve."

Translation:He looks at me and asks me if I would like to try.

November 1, 2014



What's with the "jeg gerne vil" rather than "vil gerne"? I thought the inversion was just for questions or after adverbs?


I think it has something to do with the subordinate clause. "Jeg vil gerne..." is a main clause. However, in a subordinate clause you change the position of gerne and vil: "...om jeg gerne vil...".

As you've said, an inversion takes place in questions: "Vil jeg gerne...?/Vil du gerne...?". But as you can see, it's a different inversion here.

I don't know about the position when linked to an adverb but since Danish grammar is pretty close to German grammar, I guess the position stays the same like in a main close: "Jeg vil gerne løbe langsomt."


Thank you. This will help me remember it.


I can't give the correct answer because not all the words I need are on the screen!


Try clothes or try the d?


The daily special, duh.


...I want to try must be accepted!!!!!


"He is looking at me and is asking me if I would like to try" Why is my answer wrong? It is exactly the same as the correct Duolingo answer.

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