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  5. "Is everything impossible?"

"Is everything impossible?"

Translation:An bhfuil gach rud dodhéanta?

November 1, 2014



How's the therapy going, buddy?


Does the word "dodhéanta" violate the rule that the same class of vowel (front vs. back) should be on both sides of a consonant because 'do-' is a prefix? That's the only explanation I can think of. Also, is 'dh' here broad or slender?


Yes, it violates it because of the prefix. And the beginning of the original word retains broad/slender based on the vowel to the right. So it's still slender and sounds like /j/ here (English <y>)


Thank you for your response! These kinds of answers are really helpful, especially while the course is still in beta and more than half the sentences still need audio.


Ok. I over-reacted. But my native Irish speaking friends are telling me that the Irish I'm learning here is "wrong", which scares me! I want to learn real Irish here. That's all...


Your native Irish speaking friends are speaking a minority dialect (they are all "minority dialects") and they would consider the Irish spoken by the majority of Irish speakers (all Irish speakers that don't speak their dialect) "wrong".

I could explain some of the issues if you gave a specific example of what they are telling you is wrong, but essentially it's like arguing whether "colour" or "color" is the correct way to spell "colour". And just as in English spelling, the vast majority of the exercises in the Irish course on Duolingo will be just fine for speakers of any dialect, it is only certain words or phrases that are markedly different in certain dialects. Pronunciation adds another layer of variation, so even when everyone agrees on the same spelling and grammar, the pronunciation may vary, just as it does regionally in English.


Tá gach rud deanta le Dia, as the bumper stickers say.


I've never seen that written in Irish, and it's very cool to be able to understand it.


Ach ní do Tom Cruise ... Misean Dodhéanta ;-)

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