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Vocabulary tagging?

There are some words I wish I could tag while I do the lessons. These are ones I continually find myself having to look up. I wish there was a "tagged vocab" exercise where I could practice these words that give me the most trouble

June 24, 2013



Also a possible tweak in this direction would be, if i could manually decrease the strength of the word(or as the OP says somehow tag them), so then the algorithm would have to pick the word more often. It baffles me that some words i had last time 5-6 days ago are at full strength even when i know i would have big trouble with them, if translating from english. The only way i can regulate it now is to willingly answer them incorrectly so i get them more often(which is not much elegant solution)


I agree. It seems that after finishing all possible Spanish lessons my vocabulary contains 1735 words. The vocabulary is not increasing anymore when I do immersion exercises. Somewhat a disappointment and shortcoming of otherwise very useful learning system provided by Duolingo.


On top of wanting a way to practice weak words. I would like to be able to "tag" the words with an extra column on the vocabulary list, like a check/uncheck box (and if not too much trouble a weighed system). That way not only can I choose to get practice on those words, but I can sort the vocabulary list so I can view all together and study the words I'm weakest at. Which by the way this includes words that for some reason just don't show up at all in lessons and I have little practice with them.

By the way, sorting by strength, as it is right now doesn't seem to be working. When I sort, everything is just everywhere.

Lastly, I don't know how strengths are evaluated, but as I go through the lessons, when I get something wrong, the words that are wrong are highlighted, when it shows how it should have been translated, but not all the wrong words are highlighted. So I don't know if those words are considered when evaluating strength, but A they should and B it'd be nice to see them highlighted.

One more thing and this is a long shot, I'm just hoping the computers algorithm is taking into account whether your issue with a word is meaning, hearing, saying, or spelling. If on the hear and repeat questions it knows if I spell the word incorrectly, but can understand it or if I was totally off. Same with translating, if I hear and spell words right, but mess up on translating, it'd be nice if I get graded/tested in the future for that word on translating not hear and repeat/spell. So on and so forth.


Also having a verb section in the Vocabulary section would be very useful


I know there have been suggestions like this before. I still think it's a good idea. If there were a little button/checkbox you could press when you moused over the word, that would be a good way to do it, I think.


Absolutely. This should be highly considered by the Duo staff to make the learning process more personalized and appeal to more users.


I agree with sfroncza´s suggestion, but don´t think that clicking on the word after moving the mouse over it is the ideal solution, cause that would be the kind of "hidden" functionality that often gets overlooked by users. I´d rather have a special "tough words box" to drag and drop them in.


I agree! and it would be awesome to be able to add phrases too! :D


Actually can be quite useful.


That would be great.


I was also going to make a post about this! Also, I'd like to select a pool of skills to practice, instead of just doing all or one at a time..


I personally would love to be able to print word lists for offline learning...

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