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  5. "Non ti metterai a dieta."

"Non ti metterai a dieta."

Translation:You will not go on a diet.

November 1, 2014



Aha! The reflexive verb mettersi can mean 'to position one's self'


November 1, 2014


yes it can, but this doesn't mean 'to position oneself' (most common usage). 'to position oneself' is to take a stance, either literal or metaphorical; e.g., on a playing field or against a political policy. it simply means 'to put/place oneself' on a diet.

September 12, 2019


Believe me, should i ever go to Italy, i will not be on a diet.

June 18, 2018


Good plan!

May 23, 2019


You will not be put on a diet. I thought mettere means to put and reflexive version to put yourself?

April 6, 2015


Yes, so the more literal translation 'You will not put yourself on a diet' is then transformed into the more colloquial English 'You will not go on a diet' It's a statement not an imperative.

February 22, 2016


You would more likely say, "Don't put yourself on a diet". The translations are not common vernacular.

April 7, 2015


Yes, but you still have to use future tense in your translation of their sentence. So, "You will not put yourself on a diet!" or "You are not going to put yourself on a diet". Your sentence "Don't put yourself on a diet" would be "Non metterti a dieta!" in Italian.

August 7, 2015


What is wrong with 'you are not going to put yourself on a diet' ?

July 25, 2018
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